A flower rises from the earth, Weaving its wondrous path.
With living waters it blooms and grows; Glory and beauty it hath.

Though nature shows it pow’r and wrath, The tender blossom lives.
Because it has a grand design, And mercy its creator gives.

As children we are raised from birth, Guided along our way.
We learn and grow with loving hands beside us Come what may.

Though storms pass by And trials loom,  And waves come crashing by,
The anchor of our soul remains; Our Savior from on High.

No mortal man can ever truly conceive; Nor human tongue express,
The need for His redeeming love. He’ll rescue us from sin and death,
With healing in His wings.

We search for comfort day by day, For peace, serenity;
To grow mid life’s uncertainties, And rest eternally.

O the wisdom of our God; His mercy and tenderness.
His grand design for all mankind; To dwell with Him again.
He’ll rescue us from sin and death, With healing in His wings

This song is part of the larger "He Comes Again" Easter cantata.
Amy Webb Music

With Healing in His Wings