Vocal Quartet:


As I knelt upon the ground, my heart was filled with grief
I looked into the empty cavern, I was filled with disbelief
Then suddenly I felt someone standing next to me
I could scarcely lift my head when I heard so lovingly
The voice I recognized as one word left His lips
He spoke my name so tenderly, the tone I could not miss
I saw His hands and feet, I saw his loving face
It was a miracle to behold. I am a witness.

On the way to Emmaus with sorrow on our minds
We talked about the Savior, our sadness undefined
When suddenly, while on our way, we were joined by a man
Who asked us why we mourned, our words to Him began:
Know ye not of Him who died on Calvary
He spoke; our hearts burned within. It was Him, we now could see.
We saw His hands and feet, we saw His loving face
It was a miracle to behold. I am a witness.

We are witnesses of truth, we are witnesses of light.
And we will worship Him with all our heart and might.
We are witnesses of glory. We have felt His pow'r within.
He, who now lives again, we are witnesses of Him.

So many years ago, born a babe in Bethlehem
My Savior came to earth to fulfill His Father's plan.
He that ascended up on high has also descended below
All things He comprehends. And because of this I know:
He understands my joys, He understands my pain
Through the shedding of His blood, eternal life I'll gain.
I've not seen His hands, I've not seen His face
But I have felt His miracles. I am a witness.

This song is part of the larger "Because He First Loved Us" Easter cantata. It is a quartet that sings about how they are all witnesses of Christ, whether they saw Him when He was resurrected or felt His hand in their life today.
Amy Webb Music

We are Witnesses