The upper 
room, Gethsemane
On Calvary, the Garden Tomb
He meekly gave the priceless gift
Redeeming grace is found through Him.

A promise sweet that grants my soul
Assurance of renewing life.
He rose again, yet glorified 
Anchor your hope in Jesus Christ.

To those who seek Him, ye shall find hope.
To those who seek Him, ye shall find peace.
To those who seek Him, ye shall find love.
To those who seek, ye shall find Him.

Gently He bids us follow Him
Come unto me, and you'll find rest
Exalt His name and seek His face.
Learn of Him, and you'll be blessed.

Though trials will befall us still
He'll carry us, He's felt our pain.
His wounds were made but hurt no more.
Find peace and know, He'll come again.

This song is part of the larger "To Those Who Seek Him" Easter cantata.
Amy Webb Music

To Those Who Seek Him


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