Jesus, Savior, Lord of hosts
Great Shepherd of mankind
Stood in front and beckoned me,
Stay with me by my side.
But seeking my own pathway,
Soon I began to stray.
No longer with the ninety and nine,
I went my separate way.

Soon lost all hope for happiness,
Forgot who I could be.
Listened not to His sweet voice,
Lost sight of Gethsemane.
Destitute an almost lost
I lay down upon the cold.
I prayed, dear Lord accept me back
Into Thy tender fold.

Then heard I the Shepherd's voice,
He came back to bring me home,
To join all those I wandered from,
No longer need I roam.

So lift me on Thy shoulders, Lord.
I shall cause Thee no more pain;
Shall live my life in gratitude
Until You come again.
He was the One who came for me,
My Savior set me free.
I was the one in ninety and nine,
He came and rescued me.

I was the one in ninety an nine,
He came and rescued me.

This song is part of the larger "To Those Who Seek Him" Easter cantata.
Amy Webb Music

The One