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Allison Gremillion


It all began when the man of her dreams swept her off her feet; and the memories began. The plans were made for a fam'ly and home where heav'n on earth could be.
Then children came with long sleepless nights and patience was tried while breaking up fights. With her loving care each one tenderly grew and each child always knew.

She always gave more than she had to give. Never wanting a thing in return. From down on her knees and the silent heart pleas, to the long talks at night and her holding us tight,
She's a miracle to me.

She taught us how to clean food off our plates; didn't mind very much when we would come home late. Always cheering us on when we'd try new things. Her smile said we could do anything. Years passed with bumps in the road; sometimes feeling as though she can't carry her load. But each day she wakes her eyes focused above. She holds on with a labor of love.

Amy Webb Music

She's a Miracle To Me