Benjamin Dee


On bended knee He bathed their feet Washed pure from dusty clay He made them clean, a selfless act Then knelt with them to pray. He supped with them His trusted friends The apostles and the groom Those closest sensing His staid task Save one who left the room.

He walked with them Along the path To the garden to atone Left them to watch alas they slept He drank the cup alone. He suffered in that sacred spot Great drops of blood fell down. Mercy now bestowed on us. Yet more free before His crown.

Nailed between two criminals Unfitting for the one Unknowlingly they crucified The King, the Father's Son. Risen up He walked to her Death relinquished as the salve Jesus Christ the crucified Now triumphant beyond the grave.

He lives today The King of Kings My Savior my best friend. I'll emulate the path He walked I'll be with Him again. I'll emulate the path He walked. I'll be with Him again.

Amy Webb Music

Master of Charity


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