I am a daughter of Him who lives on high. With faith I know He loves me, I'll never question why. I've not a perfect knowledge of His eternal plan, but with His help, I will try to better understand.

The qualities I've inherited; I know they're not all mine But blessings from my Father my nature is divine. For my soul is great in His sight, even as from birth. I have been blessed with an infinite worth.

I will strive to live these values, which help me to prepare; to strengthen my own family and make covenants with care. I want to enter in His temple, the walls to be within. For this is what I want the most, to be with Him again.

I will stand as a witness in all that I do; at all times, in all things and in all places.

As I seek more knowledge by study and by faith, I'll accept responsibility for choices that I make. For I have a light within me, that's there for all to see. A builder of His kingdom, through good works; I will be.

I have courage and integrity, I know right from wrong And as I use this knowledge, my will must be strong. I must remember virtue, though hard at times it seems, to remain pure and worthy, my thoughts and actions clean.

I will string to live these values which help me to prepare; to strengthen my own family, and make covenants with care.


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Stephanie Finch
Amy Webb Music

I Will Stand as a Witness