In a darkened room. its hard to find my way. But as I light a candle I see like break of day. And in this darkened world, there's a light that shines within to help guide those around me; that testifies of Him.

There are miracles; the power is all mine, to be the Lord's helping hand; My nature is divine. And as I am courageous, my light becomes so strong. Just like the sun approaching the brilliant morning dawn.

I will be strong. I will have courage. I will have faith to light my candle within. I will shine! I will shine!

I know my Savior lives. I'll look to Him above. He is the perfect beacon; His light is perfect love. I will hold up my light; a torch for all to see. A radiant daughter of God; for Him, my life will be.


SA Duet: PDF

Katherine Nelson
Amy Webb Music

I Will Shine!