Vocal Solo:


Long before the world began God had a purpose, a glorious plan
To bring to pass immortality and eternal life of man
There would need to be One who would teach, who would love
Who would sacrifice all that He had, the glory giv'n to God above
There was One who offered in the midst of the council in Heaven
To descend from the realms of glory and take upon Him the sins of all men

Our birth is but a sleep, our birth is a forgetting 
But we were there and heard Him say:
Here am I, Here am I, send Me

Not because of honor. Not because of duty, or glory for Him.
But because He has a perfect love, He came for each of us
With the love of a Father, He allowed His Son to come
To be this supernal offering, So we could then return home.
For God so loved the world that through Him it might be saved
And by His own purpose and loving grace a pathway back to Him would be paved

This song is part of the larger "Because He First Loved Us" Easter cantata.
Amy Webb Music

Here Am I