He came to us with open arms, surrounding all with love. His life He gave so willingly to those who did not know. The sorrow that the world did feel was felt from up above. Alone He knelt in Gethsemane. Alone He suffered there. On Calvry's Hill He hung and died, to fulfill His Father's will. To ransom us from sin and death to none we can compare.

He came to those with weary hearts, He strengthened the feeble knees. He came to those whose hands hung down and He did succor the weak. And this I know He comes again.

He comes again with arms outstretched. "Come unto me", He pleads. To all of those who labor and those with heavy cares. For I will ease your burdens And you will find your rest. Sorrow will be turned to joy. Happiness will find all Who see His face, who touch His hands and feel His warm embrace. The power of His healing touch; His love doth conquer all.

This song is part of the larger "He Comes Again" Easter cantata.
I had a really incredible experience while trying to write this song. I knew what I wanted the song to be about, but I was having a really hard time getting it started. I couldn't decide how I wanted to start it. Well, my husband and I had a date to the temple planned, so that whole day, I kept praying that I might be able to receive some inspiration for this song. There is not a better place in the world to think about the Savior, than at the temple. So, we pulled into the temple parking lot, and I just knew that I would be able to figure it out. I got dressed, and made my way up to the chapel. As I sat down in this beautiful room, I looked up and there is a huge picture of the Savior, coming down from heaven with His arms opened wide. I felt the spirit so strongly tell me that this is what the song was to be about. It was to be about our Savior, coming for us, with His arms outstretched wanting us to come to Him. So, I was able to come home, and that very next day, write all of the words to this song. It starts, "He came to us with open arms, surrounding all with love." I think this is one of my favorite songs that I have written. (I think I might say that about a lot of the songs I write though).
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He Comes Again


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