Looking back I see the steps that I have made.
Pressing forward with faith I'm unafraid.
All the mountains to climb and the rivers to cross;
I will not surrender to the thoughts of despair.
I can conquer anything that's in my way, because he's there.

Ev'ry day, ev'ry time, ev'ry step, ev'ry climb, ev'ry choice, ev'ry moment,
I will choose to stand true, fear not and press forward and listen when He calls:
Come follow me.

The winds of change will beat at our door.
I'll have courage to always fight this war.
With a brightness of hope, I can look for His hand.
I'll weather the storm and keep holding on.
All my thoughts of doubt and fear now are gone, because he's there.

I will never give in. I'll endure to the end. I'll stand in holy places
and be not moved!




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Amy Webb Music

Come Follow Me (trek)