He came into the world to do the will of His Father
No thought was for Himself, but that of the world
His life He gave to all men, He saved us from our sins
His mission was that of one fold, To darw men unto Him

He loosed the bands of death, His bowels filled with mercy
He took on Him our infirmities, Gave the captives liberty
He's the author of our Salvation, the giver of eternal life.
He's the anchor to the fearful heart, the finisher of faith.

Shining forth as the light of the world
Now with Zion's standard unfurled
We will seek Him and serve Him with gratefulness
And we love Him, because He first loved us.

He succored the weak, He lifted hands that hung down
Binding that in heav'n which on earth had been bound
Miracles He did perform with ever endlessness
He used His pow'r to heal, His power to bless

He preached unto the meek, He blessed the broken hearted
He brought comfort to those who mourn, And life unto the dead
He opened eyes that once were blind, He caused the lame to walk again.
He gathered His lost sheep, made fires burn within

This song is part of the larger "Because He First Loved Us" Easter cantata.
Amy Webb Music

Because He First Loved Us


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