Amy Webb Music

About Me

 So, you actually clicked on this, so you must want to know a little about me. I am not a very exciting person, but here's a few details about myself....

I mostly grew up in Colorado Springs, CO, the most beautiful place on earth! I am one of 8 children. We have a very musical family. With my Dad being an amazing pianist, and my Mom's beautiful voice, there was always music in the house. There was always someone practicing something, we had a violin, a flute, an oboe, a saxophone, a trumpet, a few french horns, a cello, and probably a few more instruments that I am forgetting. Wow, my parents were patient!!

I have always loved music, and am so grateful that my parents were good to keep us practicing and picking great teachers for us. I started arranging music about 10 years ago, just so I could have something new to play in church or for different meetings. But, it wasn't until one day in August of 2008 that I came home to find that my husband had purchased a digital piano that I could plug into my computer and really put all of this music on paper.  He even found out what program I should use on my computer. Little did I know at the time what joy this would bring me. My husband rocks!! This opened up a whole new world to me of composing and arranging music. I absolutely love it and can't get enough of it. 

I am a mother of 5 beautiful girls, the oldest is 10 and the youngest is 3 years old. So, my first priority is to them, then the music, then the website. So, I will do my best to keep this site going, and put new music on as frequently as possible. 

If you really read all of that and you are still reading, thanks! If you ever have any ideas of songs or hymns that you would like arranged, I am always up for a challenge. Drop me an email, and I will see what I can do.